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It's Time To Put Your Feelings First

I am constantly trying to take everyone else’s pain away so they can be happy, but sometimes forget to deal with my own mental health and emotions. I used to believe that if everyone around me was happy, so was I. However that’s not always the case. Obviously, it’s nice to help out those around you, but there comes a point when that starts to affect your mental health. Worrying about other people and pushing your emotions to the side is something we often do but don’t realize. Keeping the people in our lives happy will not necessarily ensure our own happiness. This is a common misconception.

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Taking Control of My Phone Use

I am addicted to my phone. I take my phone everywhere (including the bathroom), I leave it on my desk at work, place in on the passenger's seat of my car, pull it out during dinner dates and functions, and I never ever ever leave my house without it. After reading the book How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price, I felt the urge to know exactly how, when, and why I use my phone. For an entire day I wrote down every single moment that I picked up my phone. I pick up my phone the second I wake up, look at it though breakfast, take it to the bathroom with me while I get ready for work, hold it in my hand when I’m in the elevator, check it before I pull out of the parking garage, look at in the drive thru, pick it up when I park my car at the office, and take a quick glance before I turn on my laptop at work. And that is all before 8:00 AM.

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