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Ok, you're hungover.

One of my dear friends was celebrating her birthday at Track & Field in Toronto last night and the festivities kicked off at 10 pm, unfortunately I rolled in a little late, not as a fashionably-late ploy but because I worked until 11 pm covering the ACTRA awards, and I rolled in tired AF. That kind of tired where your eyes are constantly burning and your joints ache making you question if you’re actually 30 going on 80 kind of vibe. So, my big plan was to stay for an hour, sip on some soda water, and Houdini out of there to get a decent nights sleep since I had a #HealthyIsHot class scheduled at 9:45 am at F45. My plan was solid. Or so I thought. 

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HIGSD: Drea Wheeler Feature!

In need of some motivation to kick start your New Year’s resolutions? Drea Wheeler is all the inspo you’ll ever need. Drea is a Montreal-based private fitness trainer and lifestyle coach. She’s also the force behind Bodylicious, a heart-pumping cardo-dance sweat session she teaches at Victoria Park, a multistudio fitness boutique (which she is also a partner in!).

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