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Why Being Healthy Means Something Different to Everyone

Have you ever been in a position where you looked at someone’s picture and thought to yourself, man I wish I was as healthy and fit as they are? This is something that is so common in our society. We are constantly seeing people’s best versions of their lives and we compare how we’re living to theirs. The secret is, not everyone’s life is perfect. Not everyone is healthy 24/7. What we need to understand in this age is that being “healthy” means something different for each person.

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Why we should abandon the idea that there’s only one meaning of “healthy”

 The word “healthy” has so many different meanings to so many different people. There is truly no single way to define the term.

There is always a new food guide or workout plan that is released to try to sell being “healthy”. There are thousands of diets that are promoted to help you lose weight or get in shape, like the paleo diet, keto diet, going vegan or vegetarian, or intermittent fasting. These are just some examples of what people try to promote as being “healthy,” and what you need to do in order to eat healthy. This is the same way for exercising. There are so many different exercise programs that all seem to be the best way, like doing fasted cardio, weight training, or yoga. All these different ideas make it difficult for people to choose what to do, because there are so many conflicting methods to becoming “healthy”. That is not what being “healthy” should mean. Each person needs to create their own definition of the word. 

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Health

Do you ever find yourself fighting against healthy habits? Resenting every step of the way as if you have no choice? That was me. After reaching my heaviest weight back in 2014, I knew I had to do something about it – but simply making that choice wasn’t enough. There was always that negative association with diet and exercise, wishing that I didn’t have to work so hard in order to take care of myself. I felt trapped in a vicious cycle of gaining and losing the same amount of weight, as if there was no way out.

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Snowboarding > SAD

Yes, there are moments of sunshine and blue skies, and those special days where there’s a snow-like blanket that covers the concrete jungle we call home... But sometimes, it’s just damn gloomy. That gloominess can seep into your mood, and for some, it can result in SAD; seasonal affective disorder. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with SAD, I think it’s safe to say we all get affected by the winter blues throughout our Canadian freeze-out.

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