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How I Get Sh*t Done: Beverley Cheng

Meet Beverly Cheng. After leaving her secure, full-time insurance job, Beverly dived into the world of entrepreneurship! She is now a self-employed fitness trainer, sports model, and blogger in Toronto! She started her blog, Born to Sweat, back in 2014 and it has since grown each year, becoming a go-to platform for workout videos, recipes, and tips and tricks to living your best healthy life! With over 74,000 followers on Instagram, Beverly believes we were all born to sweat! 

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Shape up your mental fitness with tips from KYO’s Marc Champagne

At this time of year, it’s typical to focus on physical workouts and aesthetics, but how is your mental fitness? With a ton of tools, apps and journals, not to mention videos and programs like TED Talks that focus on productivity, positivity, self-reflection and growth it seems all we have to do is simply make time to commit to the practice. But it’s not always that easy and with so many options out there, where do you begin? It’s one of the things, Marc Champagne, co-founder of the app KYO wanted to help people with. KYO is a mental fitness app that combines curated content with guided self-reflection that you can use anywhere. Marc shares with us more about the app and his tips on how to get started working on your mental fitness.

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All Things Yoga with Jenna Switzer

About 5 years ago my best friend Rebecca mentioned this Yoga Instructor whom she described as one of the most fun instructors she’s ever had. She was instructing a class called Yoga Tune Up which I had never heard of before and Rebecca said I needed a bit (a lot) of Tune Up in my life.
Thankfully I did get to get to one of Jenna’s classes and I became a regular at her Sunday morning Yoga Tune up class. Jenna is so knowledgeable about anatomy and how body mechanics, and she is so eloquent with how she explains things to people which is so helpful.  On top of being such a learned yoga instructor, her positive energy is just so contagious! I am SO excited to virtually introduce you all to Jenna and I hope you enjoy our little chat!

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