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Realistic Morning Routine – Top 3 Tips

The elusive “morning routine”: self-help literature swears by an early morning ritual as being the key to transforming your life. But, put into practice, what does that really mean.

If you’re familiar with the motivation/self-help world the way I am, I’m sure you already know that the recommended secret begins with waking up at 5am and getting into some healthy habits before the workday begins. For some, that means an early morning workout. For others, it means journaling and practicing a morning meditation. 

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Is Your Workout Partner the Ying to Your Yang?

“Health is wealth”.

Many people who have adopted a healthy lifestyle have experienced challenges at some points throughout their journey.

Those hurdles can present themselves in various forms such as injuries, lack of motivation, sickness, and so on… Haven’t we all been there?

Truth be told, there are days were we lack the proper motivation to exercise. At those moments in time, an alternative to ensure success in this journey of health is to have a great workout partner. In fact, a workout buddy can be a key factor of success in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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How I Get Sh*t Done: Rachael Hunt

Meet the self-proclaimed gluten free queen of Toronto- Rachael Hunt. Founder of and Freedom School, Rachael loves scrolling through Instagram in search of the latest and greatest gluten-free eats across the city. She was diagnosed celiac 6 years ago, and it’s become her mission to share all of her discoveries in the gluten free world. Rachael also works with people who desire to turn their side hustle into their main attraction to achieve more freedom in their life- appropriately titled as a Freedom coach! I sat down with Rachael to discuss everything from her many different job titles she holds, to why she loves dragging her friends out for a night of dancing! 

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