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Q & A with Meghan House

You might recognize Meghan House from The Bachelor Canada. She was known for her humour, her good ol' Newfie accent, and her kindness. Since her appearance on the show, Meghan's life has changed significantly. She is now happily in love and is on a brand new journey, as she is also pregnant!

For this month's article I chat with Meghan about the changes to her lifestyle within the past year, her daily routine, and her pregnancy journey.

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Losing the "Baby Weight"

It is no secret that during pregnancy there is the associated weight gain. The amount varies between women. However, the expectation to get our “pre-baby” body back is the same across the board no matter how much you have gained. What I want the take away from this article to be is this: It took your body a full NINE MONTHS to change, evolve, and expand, in order to grow and give birth to your baby. Logically, it only makes sense that you give yourself at least that same amount of time to lose the weight and get your body back. Tell this to anyone you love who is pregnant or just had their baby (in the least judgemental way possible because you also don’t want to mess with a mama’s hormones). My point is, we need to spread this message to all the ladies out there: 9 months to gain the weight = 9 months to lose the weight…AT LEAST! Let’s just eliminate this expectation that our bodies should just instantly bounce back like nothing ever happened.

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