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Stretching – What you need to know!

What’s happening everyone? I’ll tell you what – we are finally into warmer springtime weather and you know what that means? We can finally emerge from hibernation to take more of our activities outdoors! And I want to make sure that you stay in top form all (spring and summer) season long injury-free! On that note, today we are going to talk stretching. I’m going to break it down for you, so pay attention.

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As a chiropractor and fitness coach, I often ask patients and clients the following questions - Do you wake up the day after a workout feeling stiff and sore? Is your desk job a (literal) pain in the neck? Are you getting headaches after an upper body workout or a long day at work? If the answer is yes, there are many factors to consider – sleep, stress, hydration, nutrition, ergonomics and self-care, to name a few. One of them may be recurrent or chronic tension. If that’s the case, which for most people is at least part of the reason, it might be time to consider foam rolling as part of your daily routine. Your body will thank you!

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My Go-To Products For My Nightly Routine

I am a huge fan of sleeping, and I love products that can help promote a good sleep.

Sleep is a crucial part of healing and your overall health, which is why I make sleep one of my wellness priorities.
Our body needs that time to heal and to rest, and when we neglect that base need we can see some very serious health issues.

Let me walk you through a few of the products that I would recommend that help me find deeper sleep!

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