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Chicago - not just deep dish and sports

A big hello from the windy (yes, very windy) city of Chicago. My boyfriend’s celebrating a birthday and was craving an adventure where we could dip out to without travelling too far that had a cool art scene, great food, and cool architecture... We found decent flights and impulsively jumped on them. We were hoping to stay in the stunning Chicago Athletics Association Hotel but for whatever reason the prices doubled on the Monday and Tuesday night which got us wondering: do we spend more on a hotel and sacrifice the level of activities we’d be doing, or vice versa? Nice hotels are great (obviously), but we love going to museums, comedy shows, yummy restaurants and bars with elevated cocktails - so, it was an easy decision. We’d forego staying in a top notch hotel and find something more affordable so we could do all the things.

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The Truth Behind My Travel Experiences

From early infancy I have been a frequent flyer with trips back and forth to Ireland to see family, school trips, adventures with friends, and a (very) long distance relationship. Although I never used to have issues with flying, as I grew up so did my nerves surrounding traveling. I am writing this shortly after a trip to visit my father in France and some of these feeling are still quite fresh in my memory.

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