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The power of Capoeira: spotlight on Professor Soquete

Sixteenth-Century Brazil was the era where the enslaved Africans created Capoeira during the transatlantic slave trade. Capoeira has been preserved through four centuries as a cultural artifact and in 1974, it was declared the national sport of Brazil. This incredible mix martial art was created by the oppressed (slaves), for the oppressed, the powerless. It teaches mental tactics for living with domination and serves as a source of hope for the slaves to keep going despite their unfortunate situation.

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This Is How Much Money You Can Make When You Invest In Yourself

If I told you I'd give you $500 if you were able to lose 5 pounds this month - would you try to do it?

I think you would.

That's because money is one of our biggest motivators for taking action. You'd immediately consider all of the time, effort and hard work as an INVESTMENT towards earning that $500 and do whatever you possibly could to achieve it.

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The world’s highest yoga session

If you have been following my posts during the last year, you have probably noticed that the main topics I write about are usually yoga, meditation, and hiking. In the last few years, my journey has taken these paths and now they have come to a crossroads. This is when I decided to combine my two passions and create my new project: Zen Summits.

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