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The world’s highest yoga session

If you have been following my posts during the last year, you have probably noticed that the main topics I write about are usually yoga, meditation, and hiking. In the last few years, my journey has taken these paths and now they have come to a crossroads. This is when I decided to combine my two passions and create my new project: Zen Summits.

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My 5 Must-haves For When I Travel

For the long weekend, I travelled all the way to the Big Apple- New York City and I wanted to share my 5 travel essentials while they are fresh in my brain!

We did a 4 day, 3 night bus trip to New York City, and saw SO much! But because this was a bus trip, and we were going to be walking the city from 8 am to 8 pm every day, I knew that I needed to pack smart!

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Little miss Ottawa

Let’s set the scene…

A beautiful sunny warm but crisp morning in Ottawa, walking by the canal with a coffee from my local café on Elgin St. I can hear the water flowing and some birds chirping, and I can see some dog walkers, kayakers, runners, and even children learning to master the bike.

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A locals’ guide to New York City

Last month I spent a whirlwind 3-day weekend in New York City to fête the end of single life for my ex-New Yorker, future step-SIL. Rather than feel guilty that I wasn’t keeping up with my daily work outs or 9-10 hours of sleep a night, I decided that a weekend away eating delicious-but-terrible-for-my-tummy food, not getting enough sleep, and my main form of exercise being dancing at a bar at 3am, was exactly what I needed.

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Chicago - not just deep dish and sports

A big hello from the windy (yes, very windy) city of Chicago. My boyfriend’s celebrating a birthday and was craving an adventure where we could dip out to without travelling too far that had a cool art scene, great food, and cool architecture... We found decent flights and impulsively jumped on them. We were hoping to stay in the stunning Chicago Athletics Association Hotel but for whatever reason the prices doubled on the Monday and Tuesday night which got us wondering: do we spend more on a hotel and sacrifice the level of activities we’d be doing, or vice versa? Nice hotels are great (obviously), but we love going to museums, comedy shows, yummy restaurants and bars with elevated cocktails - so, it was an easy decision. We’d forego staying in a top notch hotel and find something more affordable so we could do all the things.

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One Year Since I Left Canada

Four years ago my two best friends and I booked a trip to travel around Ireland and Scotland. Little did we know back then that trip would lead to me finding my new home and my boyfriend S.  They have openly admitted wishing we had booked another location so that I was still in Canada…but hey ;)

My life back in Ottawa was great, I really couldn't complain. I was close to my friends and family, had a lovely home, and a career. The thought of leaving it all behind to move to a new country was daunting, but also really exciting. It helps that I was moving closer to my family in Ireland, but also I was moving to be with S. and that would save money on constant flying back and fourth to Scotland!

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Wellness Guide to NYC

New York, New York: a city so nice they named it twice. Before I moved out to LA in October, I lived in NYC for eight years. And even though LA is often thought of as the wellness capital of the U.S., NYC is no slouch! The city has so much to offer. So whether you’re looking for healthy restaurants, a solid workout, or a place to recharge your batteries, here’s my guide of wellness recommendations in the Big Apple.

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The Truth Behind My Travel Experiences

From early infancy I have been a frequent flyer with trips back and forth to Ireland to see family, school trips, adventures with friends, and a (very) long distance relationship. Although I never used to have issues with flying, as I grew up so did my nerves surrounding traveling. I am writing this shortly after a trip to visit my father in France and some of these feeling are still quite fresh in my memory.

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