Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie Morrison is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) specializing in digestive and hormonal health.  She is also a yoga and meditation instructor teaching at studios across Mississauga and Toronto helping students reduce stress, and find presence on their mat while learning to tune into the power of their breath.  After a successful career with lululemon and working in Australia where she immersed herself in the holistic world she developed a passion for this way of life. She knew when moving back to the busy city, her purpose would be to share the message of holistic health.  Stephanie sees clients for private consultations where she addresses their symptoms and health concerns, and educates them on how to heal the body nutritionally correcting imbalances and deficiencies in the body.  She uses an evidence-based approach when helping clients along with her intuition to give them a customized plan that best suits their needs. She is the in-house nutritionist at  PurEnergy Wellness Lofts in Etobicoke, and also facilitates their group detox programs.  She is a public speaker, speaking at corporations teaching employees about holistic nutrition and meditation and enjoys going into schools to help students cultivate healthy habits from a young age. To learn more about Stephanie and to follow along her newest recipes, healthy inspiration and details on upcoming workshops or retreats you can visit her website at or follow along at her facebook page or instagram account @stephaniemorrison or e-mail her at Link to Pur Energy - 


Catherine Sugrue

Catherine Sugrue is a Certified Holisitic Nutritionist who offers an edgy and alternative approach to health. She founded with the goal of offering fun, but accurate and meaningful, health and wellness information. 

She has appeared in a number of online and in-person events - including the Harbourfront Hot & Spicy Food Festival, The National Women's Show, The National Post, Live Daytime TV segments in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as numerous appearances on the online TV show

She's the exclusive Health & Nutrition Contributor for, one of the leading bilingual lifestyle blogs in Canada, a Veeva Happiness Ambassador, Sexy Food Therapy Community Manager and a Nutritional Consultant for several businesses within the health and wellness industry. 


Daphne Barron

Daphne Barron is an entrepreneur and the founder of Serotina Media Inc. She is a scientist by training but now uses the scientific method in the business world. With a passion for health and fitness, Daphne’s always been active and focused on healthy  living – mentally, physically and emotionally. If she’s not hustling or hitting the gym, she’s finding new inspiration through art, travel, and new experiences. She’s a wild child with ambition. Follow along on instagram: @loveyourselfxx & @serotinamedia

Saverina Scozzari

Saverina Scozzari is an entertainment blogger, TV host and producer. She is also a fur mom, Starbucks addict, shopaholic, Beyoncé fan, nap queen, gym rat, and speaks fluent sarcasm. Saverina has been obsessed with all things entertainment since she was 2 years-old reading People Magazine upside down at the hair salon and always knew she wanted to be in the industry - her tween dream was to become a Much Music VJ. Now, she hosts Cable 14 Hamilton's events listing show 'What's Happening, Hamilton?', contributes posts to HuffPost Blogs and Healthy Is Hot and sometimes comments on TMZ Live.

Rachel Molenda

Rachel Molenda is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Public Speaker and Freelance Social Media Manager & Strategist for health-based businesses. After a short and stressful career in advertising, she decided to fully immerse herself in the health world, where she healed her own health issues and completed her studies at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. With each client she works with, Rachel brings her simplistic, anti-diet, whole foods-based approach to help people find balance and optimal health so they can thrive in their bodies as they once did. Rachel is the Community Manager for Joyous Health and is the in-house Holistic Nutritionist at The Root Natural Health Clinic in Port Credit, ON where she educates clients on the healing power of food and therapeutic supplementation through nutrition consultations, food demonstrations and workshops.

To learn more about Rachel or to discover new healthy recipes she’s cooking up, you can visit her at or on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @rachelmmolenda.

Jennifer M Joseph

Jennifer can be described in three words: Witty, adventurous and an overall badass. This city gal is a freelance writer & social media strategist, who spends her time commuting between Toronto and Mississauga. You can catch some of her latest work in NOW Magazine, The Torontoist,, This Magazine, Urbanology etc...When she isn't writing or strategizing for local brands' social media, she likes to visit art gallery openings, purchasing new books and listening to Hip-Hop classics. Follow her on twitter & instagram.

Simona Sklenarova

Simona has always been known as the quirky science kid for most of her life However, running deep in her veins and soul is a ton of creativity and passion for the arts and for personal development. These days she is continuing her studies in the pharmaceutical field, but also loves to spread her wings and pursue creative hobbies in her spare time. Simona dedicates herself to understanding and exploring what health entails – whether it is nutritional, fitness, or emotionally related. 

Within the core of her being, there is a deep appreciation for visual arrangements and that has led her to have an eye for detail, aesthetic, and practice minimalism (as much as I can) in her life and in her expression. She says that working on the Healthy is Hot passion project is truly a dream and feels honoured to be a part of an environment with like-minded women who want to spread a fabulous core message at a time when it is needed so dearly. She is a true believer in uplifting ourselves and others through the practice of self-love, whichever form that may take. She looks forward to the journey ahead of empowerment and women supporting women through Healthy Is Hot. 


Riley Grant

Growing up sports were Riley's passion - she played them all at some point. Competitively, she played ice hockey and soccer until she was about 20 years old and once sports were over, her love for the sweat life continued in the gym and outdoors. In 2010 she became a certified personal trainer, in 2011 ran her first half marathon, in 2012 became a certified CrossFit coach and continues to coach today, in 2013 she obtained a bachelor of commerce and quickly realized the business world wasn’t for her and in 2014 Riley enrolled into osteopathy college and have been loving it ever since. 

When asked "why HIH?" Riley says, "as women, we are constantly being told that food restriction and body fat percentage are the best indicators of health. I’m so excited to be part of the HIH team, one that has the common goal of breaking this belief. There are so many ways to promote your health other than exercising yourself into the ground, and it begins when you form a new, loving relationship with your body and mind. This is something that is hard to do and I hope this initiative will make it more attainable."

Monica Scaglione

Monica Scaglione is an aspiring entertainment reporter in her final year at Western University & Fanshawe College studying broadcast journalism. From a young age, she was always told she spoke too much. Now, however, as a journalism student she has learnt to relay information to audiences in an appealing manner, she enjoys spreading her passions and knowledge through writing and reporting. Coming from a big Italian family, she loves the company of others. Another interest of Monica's is fashion, her mom worked in high-fashion retail for 20 years, and has taught her the ins and outs of personal style. Currently you can find Monica working in luxury retail seasonally at Tiffany & Co. 

Dancing competitively for 11 years growing up, she was known as the "prima" of her studio focusing on pointe and ballet. After she was forced to stop, her world was crushed. No longer knowing what to do with her time and experiencing her changing body, she dove into the world of fitness. She found her healthy and looks forward to you finding yours too. 

Catarina Louro-Matos

Catarina is a 23-year-old marketing coordinator and social media freelance marketer battling Cushing’s Disease. Lover of exercising, yoga, cats and hockey.  Advocate for raising awareness around Cushing’s Disease and loves helping others find the best version of themselves.


Nazaneen Baqizada

Nazaneen is a recent graduate from the joint journalism program at University of Toronto and Centennial College. Her most recent adventure has been interning at CTV and then going on a Europe tour with her best friend. Nazaneen really got into health and fitness over a year ago after realizing her metabolism in her young 20s isn't going to last forever and she wants to be stronger than she looks. Since then, she's switched to salad with occasional dark chocolate on the side.

Rosalyn Solomon

A storyteller with a decade of journalism experience, Rosalyn is a Toronto girl with a passion for writing, fitness, style, and books. Her secret ambition is to be a professional boxer or martial artist, and she may be mildly obsessed with Beyonce, but really, who isn't? 

Come find me on instagram:

Joella Almeida

Joella is an avid food fanatic with a love for tacos. She works to inspire confidence in teens and adults living with food allergies on Everyday Allergen Free. She is a self professed third culture woman who has a penchant for good Scotch.

Dania Habib

Dania is a Canadian but considers herself a citizen of the world. She is passionate about languages, travels, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Other than her love for yoga and the mountains, she also loves to run, cook, bake, taking care of her garden, and scuba diving. Follow her on instagram and check out her website for more on her adventures!

Marianne Iannaci

Marianne is an aspiring journalist, engaged in a variety of topics from sports to travel. She is a journalism student at Ryerson University and loves living in a big city that offers such range of different branches in her field. She has worked on two issues of McClungs magazine and was featured on several websites including The Sportster, Italian Football Daily, and Thought Catalog. Marianne dedicates her time to really finding her passion in writing and hopes her motives for exercising and commiting to a healthy lifestyle will shine through in her work. 

After being a competitive cheerleader for over 8 years, she found her passion for journalism had to incorporate her love for fitness and in her work. Marianne hopes to share her ideas for staying healthy and remaining confident but still can't wait for cheat day! 

Krista Thurrot

Krista Thurrott is a Canadian transplant living in Chicago. A self-professed morning person, daydreamer and beauty junkie, she is currently working as a freelance writer and digital strategist. With a background in journalism, Krista spent two and a half years at CTV Atlantic where she directed, sports produced and field produced a lifestyle segment. A pizza and yoga enthusiast, equally, Krista left her broadcast journalism role to work in digital strategy for a healthcare nonprofit, learning about health and beginning her own wellness journey. 

These interests carried over into Krista’s writing for Yahoo! Canada and her personal website - My Life Without Dessert. Learning to live in a different country, Krista is using her time abroad to better acquaint herself with wellness, yoga and healthy eating. When she isn’t writing or (learning to love) running, she’s usually scribbling down to-do lists, planning her next adventure, or baking her favourite dessert.

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