About the hih Podcast

Healthy is Hot is a community for everyone wanting to be their best selves; we aren't perfect, we aren't know-it-alls and we definitely like the occasional glass of vino. We are real, raw, sassy and ready to shake things up to create a safe, supportive space where we promote self-love, open discussions about difficult subjects, and tips and tricks on living your best life. Chloe Wilde is one of Canada’s top TV personalities and the Founder of Healthy is Hot.

Adored for her genuine enthusiasm and positivity, Chloe emerged in 2013 as the winner of the Much VJ Search and has since brought her fresh perspective and outgoing personality to her role on Canada’s #1 Entertainment Show, eTalk. Chloe has an ability to connect with people almost instantly, whether the interview is serious in nature or requires witty banter; she can handle it all.

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