Mackenzie is a 23-year-old storyteller and multimedia producer in the film industry with a background in entertainment journalism and digital media marketing. She graduated from Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media in Toronto. After spending most of her semesters in photo-pits and backstage with some of the most famous artists in the Canadian and international music scene, Mackenzie rediscovered her love for the world of film and television (high-key still a concert-junkie though).

Currently dividing her time as a communications and production coordinator for AMBI Media Group, an international film production company, and as an independent producer and writer, Mackenzie thrives off being busy and exploring as many opportunities and new life experiences as she can. Depending on her mood, that can mean literally anything - from writing a script to impulsively booking plane tickets to attempt a mountain-climbing expedition halfway across the world.

When she’s not working her day-job or pursuing one of her many weekend projects, Mackenzie can be found at the gym (a place she just recently discovered her love/hate relationship with), chilling by the lake with a coffee, reading on her porch with her dog at her feet, spending time with her peoples, or, more frequently, at the nearest coffee-shop or quiet space writing science fictional stories - which are often inspired by the hundreds of people she’s had the privilege of getting to know on her travels.

But she’s not just here to share her latest adventures. An advocate for mental health awareness, self-love and self-care, Mackenzie joined the Healthy is Hot movement as part of a commitment to herself and in hopes of helping others who tend to live in a permanent state of organized chaos.

You can find Mackenzie on Instagram & check out her website to see what she’s working on these days.