My name is Mary-Catherine, but everyone calls me MC. I am getting close to hitting that 30 years young age and have decided to leave my hometown of Ottawa (Canada) along with my career to follow my heart and move to Scotland. 

Since my early teenage years, but more seriously since hitting my 20s, I have had numerous health issues, and am so thankful that I pushed for answers and took my health seriously. I spent a lot of time doing my own research and discovered alternative ways to help my body feel better alongside what my family doctor was recommending. The libra in me likes the balance of it all! I am now taking a holistic approach to my well being, and having a healthier/happier me be a priority rather than trying to heal when needed. 

I shared a very impromptu rant with HIH about the pain I was in during my time of the month, and how it can completely cripple you. I hope that by sharing my pain, others can relate and we can form a virtual support group because when it comes to that time of the month, women can band together and support one another because we know that pain. It may not be the same pain, but we can relate and that's important. 

I was once told that our body’s default setting is to heal, and that resonated with me so profoundly that it has become my own mantra when I’m in pain, or feeling sick. I want to be able to give my body what it needs to be able to fulfill that default setting. You can follow me on Instagram @emseadee.

With happy vibes, 

MC xx