Mariah Pardy is a 22-year old production coordinator for Lifestyles Magazine. She enjoys writing, engaging, and connecting, which is why she chose to have a career in journalism. She hopes to share with the HIH community her passion for her career, health, and wellness.  

She doesn’t try to be a “cliché writer”, but you can usually find her with a cup of tea in her hand and typing on her Macbook working on her next story. If she’s not in the busy city she’s usually found on the East coast with family enjoying the salt water and beaches.

Mariah has always been active; she plays soccer, runs, and tries to keep busy with working out. She says working out can be a struggle, everyone gets into a slump and has no motivation, but she hopes to use this platform to show that its okay to have those moments, but to remember who you are and to dust yourself off and try again.


Life is full of ups and downs and curveballs, and Mariah is a part of HIH to share her journey.

You can find Mariah on Instagram or Twitter @mariahpardy

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