Director of Business Development by day, spin coach at dawn, charity committee member and Wellness writer by night.  Being a highly energized human, I had to find outlets for all of this energy which is what drew met o fitness and coaching.  When I wake up in the morning my professional driving force is what I can do to make people, clients feel better. I also have three children who inspire me every day to be a better person and push me to want to be proud of what I role model for them.  Fitness and Nutrition has enabled me to remain balanced in my life and overcome major events as it provides with a healthy platform to release stress.  

Writing is sharing.  Sharing can be motivating.  Motivation is what we all strive for to get ahead.  Healthy is Hot has provided an energizing/educational platform in which I can promote wellness and share life’s true tribulations.  Proud to be part of this amazing team.  

Instagram: @anoukm79