Kelly is a 20-something-year-old (okay fine, 27 year-old) lawyer by profession, but after a life-threatening battle with anorexia, which she chose to fight on her own, she recovered & discovered a newfound passion for health, wellness, fitness & nutrition. 

Her passion led her to start a blog to document her journey & experiences through anorexia recovery, which has now become a platform where she shares everything from her healthy recipes, vitamin, supplement & nutrition tips, beauty & skincare advice, fitness motivation & posts about eating disorders, anxiety & mental health awareness. Her goal? To use her experience in order to empower, educate & help others become the happiest, best & healthiest version of themselves & to teach them the true meaning of living a balanced lifestyle. 

After healing herself through food, therapy & a lot of positive self-talk & mind work, she is all about nourishing the body & mind with wholesome real food, self-love, self-care & overcoming adversity by looking it straight in the eye & finding ways to cope with it. She strongly believes in the holistic approach to health. In her eyes, our health is our greatest wealth & true health is attained not only through physical well-being, but even more so when one feels mentally strong, stable & healthy. She is currently pursuing her passion for holistic health as a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in NYC, where she is studying to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

When she’s not blogging & studying, you can find her at Sephora shopping all the hot new skincare products, in & out of the gym doing her favourite workout classes (current faves are: boxing, spinning, HIIT & boot-camp style classes), reading health & wellness books, cooking & baking up a storm in her kitch (and taking 100-something photos until she captures the best lighting & shot), sipping on adaptogenic matcha lattes & collagen-infused green smoothies & fitting in a daily form of self-care somewhere in between (face masks & epsom salt baths are her go-to’s!). 

You can find Kelly on Instagram @kellyinthekitch & check out her blog, which she updates daily, Kelly In The Kitch.

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