Meghan graduated from Concordia University in Montréal with a Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies, and has since been working in both clinical and educational settings. She joined the Healthy is Hot movement as a way to share her experience with a decade long battle of negative body image and self-doubt, and in the hopes of helping others the way she has learned to help herself. 

Currently splitting her time working in social media marketing and as a coordinator at a learning centre, Meghan is driven to share her writing and her voice on a platform as influential as Healthy is Hot. There is so much that goes into health - physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing are all at play. Never settle on just one aspect - balance, like everything in life, is key. Meghan spends her time on social media advocating for mental health, and has recently taken up blogging as a way to spread the importance of taking care of ourselves despite increasingly busy lifestyles.

You can find her blog at or on instagram @meghanturnbull.

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