Stephanie Morrison is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) specializing in digestive, hormonal and emotional health. Stephanie holds additional certification in Rubimed Psychosomatic Therapy which enables her to help clients heal subconscious energetic blocks in the body, adding to their overall health and vitality through testing on the Reba® device and the use of homeopathics.   She is also a yoga and meditation instructor teaching at studios across Mississauga and Toronto, helping students reduce stress, and find presence on their mat while learning to tune into the power of their breath.  

After a successful career with Lululemon and working in Australia where she immersed herself in the holistic world, she developed a passion for this way of life. She knew when moving back to the busy city, her purpose would be to share the message that your health is truly a lifestyle, a way of being and a process that you can fall in love with.  

Stephanie sees clients for private consultations where she addresses their symptoms, health concerns, and educates them on how to heal the body nutritionally correcting imbalances and deficiencies in the body. She uses an evidence-based approach when helping clients along with her intuitive gift to give them a customized plan that best suits their needs. She is the in-house nutritionist at PurEenergy Wellness Lofts in Etobicoke where she meets with clients.

She also facilitates online and in-person group cleanse programs.  She is a public speaker, speaking at corporations teaching employees about holistic nutrition and meditation.  She is also passionate about sharing her wellness retreats to students and clients to further support them along their healing journey.  

To learn more about Stephanie and to follow along her newest recipes, healthy inspiration and details on upcoming programs, workshops or retreats you can visit her website or follow along on Instagram or email here.

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